The Last Code Bender

I can't let another day pass by, without doing what I feel inside (Coding), because it's embedded in my soul

Hey, I'm Suleiman

I'm a full stack software developer creating web apps and open source projects

I have more than 5+ years’ professional experience working on various projects ranging from developing web apps and APIs. I am passionate about problem-solving, and complex enterprise web applications with high scalability requirements. I Love starting projects from scratch and seeing them come to life.

My Nickname is GOLDEN, but you can call me The Last CodeBender in terms of web development or software engineering in general, because of my default Telekinesis programming power. Am like Avatar the last air bender, master of all element (Air, water, fire, and earth). This is how I master the elements of back and front-end development, and I continue to learn and improve my skills by taking advantage of any relevant enhancing skills opportunity.

I develop application architectures and business logic, and I code mostly with PHP, Node.Js, Javascript, React, MySql, SQL, Java, and Pyhton. These applications include user interaction/data processing, data delivery, E-commerce, Enterprise, and RESTful APIs.

I'm looking for a great, enthusiastic agile software development team to work for that will provide me with interesting and challenging work that I can learn from and contribute to. I'd like to contribute more to Finance, E-commerce, Sport, Transportation, health, and educational space but that is not a must.

Feel free to ask me any technical questions about web development. I can help you in your project from requirement analysis, mockups, back-end, front-end and testing the web application.

Software & Full stack web development 5+ years experience

I have more than 5+ years’ experience solving both technical and business problems as Full-stack web development. From the technical side, I develop application architectures and business logic using PHP, Node.Js, Javascript, MySql, SQL, Java, and Pyhton and a lot more. I also code UI with some modern technology (React.JS, Vue.Js).
While on the business side, as a consultant, it is my job to help a client to figure out potential functional requirements of their project to solve their business problems and make their job more efficient.

It's okay if you think I can’t do all the stack 100%. Just send the front-end (UI & design) job to someone else, and I can take care of all the back-end code development 95%.

And sure I do not always work alone. If you already have an existing team for your project, but you still need a potential person to help the team move to the net potential level, contact me. I am sure i will fit into your needs.
In order to improve my development skills, speed, Performance, and Reliability. I have learned more languages, frameworks and also build my own customize modern MVC Framework written in Vanilla PHP without libraries or frameworks.


6+ years

PHP, JavaScript, MS SQL, MySQL, Bootstrap, MVC, HTML/CSS

5+ years

NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Express, PostgreSQL, TDD, Unit Test, CI/CD

3+ years

C#, Java, Python, Django


5+ Years: Laravel, Express
3+ Years: ASP,Django, and Spring

Project Management

4+ Years: Agile development.
4+ Years: Git, Tello


Ability to work independently and plan my own solutions to potential problems.